Soros #Charlottesville #Antifa Attack Backfired (10m video)

Lionel Nation, August 20, 2017

Pro-Trump, far-right commentators are now trying to distance themselves from Jason Kessler in the wake of the deadly Charlottesville riots, claiming that he was paid by the liberal philanthropist George Soros “to invite several neo-Nazi and KKK groups to smear everyone attending.”

“Just did some digging and I found out that this little f–k was a leftist operative until when? You guessed it – November 2016,” wrote a commenter on the pro-Trump reddit group /r/The_Donald.

“‘Unite the Right’ is a Soros-funded honeypot psyop that employs the ‘Pied Piper’ strategy to damage the Republican brand by insinuating that Antifa goons disguised as Nazis represent the views of the entire Right Wing in America,” wrote another commenter.

Oops. Sorry, George Soros. 

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