Lee Camp critiques USA Today news coverage (9m video)

Redacted Tonight, July 28, 2017

Published on Jul 28, 2017 Lee Camp reviews another paper of unfortunate record–this time it’s USA Today. Dominating the front page are stories on O.J. Simpson’s parole and the advances in smart home inventions such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo. What this paper won’t tell you is how O.J. Simpson’s parole has little impact on American lives and that there’s nothing to suggest that agencies such as the CIA and NSA won’t use these devices to spy on you. Meanwhile, horrifying truths about our society–including a headline highlighting the fact that half of American renters can’t afford the units they’re living in–fight for inches in the corner below the fold. Lee shows how USA Today is another example of journalism that does little to be a public service and more to be a shill for corporations that own them for a profit.


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