The American Left Sucks At Collaboration (4m read)

Caitlin Johnstone, July 25, 2017


My beloved lefty outlet CounterPunch published not one, not two, not three, but four articles about yours truly and my collaboration with Green Party samurai David Cobb over the last two weeks after I wrote a couple of piecesadvocating cross-ideological collaboration in the media war against the establishment propaganda machine. In response to one small aspect of this petty disagreement, Left Twitter is now embroiled in a vitriolic debate about some obnoxious political blogger from Australia.

This is stupid. America’s unelected power establishment is endangering all life on earth by reigniting Cold War tensions and fighting all attempts at de-escalation in Syria, the health insurance of millions hangs in the balance, and we’re hurtling toward ecosystemic collapse. We don’t have time for this.

I’m not going to attack anyone here, and I’m not going to call anyone out; I’ve got nothing personal against any of the people who’ve been writing stuff about me. But I know I’m right, and I am done fighting about this. I wrote the controversial articles I wrote for a very specific reason: American lefties suck at collaboration. Self-proclaimed activists are ripping one another’s throats out because I wrote a fucking blog on Medium saying I’m fine with some social media overlap with Mike Cernovich, and lefties have the gall to tell me “We can collaborate! I’m happy to work with conservatives against the oligarchy, just not as extreme as that guy!”

Okay. That’s cute. But you don’t.

You know that you don’t. I know that you don’t. Know how I know that you don’t? Because you don’t even work with each other. And because we’re still fucking losing. If lefties had stopped fighting one another after the November elections and started building coalitions with other anti-establishment movements along issues of convergence, we’d have the neoliberal neocons of the one-party system scrambling to appease us. Instead we’re having flame wars on Twitter. This is stupid.

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