Now Playing in the New World: Corporate Censorship = State Censorship (6m video)

Caitlin Johnstone, July 12, 2017

Organized protests are taking place today against the Trump administration’s goal of dismantling net neutrality, which will enable the powerful plutocrats who rule the United States to severely limit the ability of Americans to share anti-establishment ideas and information online.

As we have discussed many times, the United States of America is not a democracy, nor a democratic republic, nor a representative democracy, nor a constitutional republic, nor any combination of the above words that you may have heard in your ongoing education as to the system of government of the most powerful and influential nation on the planet. America is a corporatist oligarchy. Because the Supreme Court has slowly made it legal for the billionaire class to fully control the US government by legalizing corporate lobbying and campaign funding in a way that undeniably amounts to legalized bribery (see 1976’s Buckley v. Valeo1978’s First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, and 2010’s Citizens United v. FEC), America is now ruled by the wealthy and the people who serve them as surely as a monarchy is ruled by a king or queen.

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