July 12th Day Of Action Is Our Last Chance To Save The Internet

Lee Camp, Redacted Tonight, July 2, 2017

Published on Jul 2, 2017 Get ready for a wake up call on the future of free and fair Internet. Come July 12, popular websites such as Netflix and Twitter will participate in a Net Neutrality Day of Action, in which homepages will be blacked out either with messages such as “Upgrade” or, even worse, the “spinning wheel of death.”
The protest is in response to FCC’s effort to gut Net Neutrality and favor high connection speeds for corporations while slow tracking everyone else. But when it comes down to a final vote, will the FCC actually listen to the millions of people who want to make the Internet a level playing ground for everyone?
Correspondent Natalie McGill joins Lee Camp at the desk to discuss the continued fight for net neutrality.

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