The Democrats in Checkmate and the Impending Collapse of Mainstream Media

CounterPropa, May 8, 2017

Last Friday, highly incriminating court transcripts were released following a hearing in which lawyers for the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz argued for a Motion to Dismiss a massive class action lawsuit filed against them. The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of Bernie Sanders donors, Democratic party donors, and Democrats as a whole following leaked emails that exposed illicit collusion that favored a Clinton nomination.

The transcripts reveal numerous damning revelations about the way the Party views its obligations in conducting the primary nominating process. In defending their Motion to Dismiss in the hearing, the DNC has told the Court, America, and the world, that the party views itself as effectively too big to jail: despite the guarantee of impartiality assured in the organization’s Charter, the DNC has asserted that they see themselves as having no legal obligation to actually run the primary impartially, so they could have favored a candidate (but they didn’t).

It’s a confusing show, and a humiliating display for the Democrats, who now have backed themselves into a corner with the duplicity of their argument: If they “win” and the case is dismissed, voters will lose all incentive to participate in any future Democratic nominating processes. If not, the case moves forward into a Discovery phase, and the crimes of the Democrats cement themselves further into Federal Court record and indisputable history.

The Democrats in Checkmate

Unless the Motion to Dismiss is granted, which seems unlikely given the numerous issues raised by Federal District Judge William J. Zloch in the hearings, the case will proceed to identify the classes owed damages and prepare for depositions. The list of parties that could be called to depose (testify) is a laundry list of the Party’s most powerful: In addition to Wasserman-Schultz, Attorneys for the Plaintiffs could–and should–seek to depose Clinton herself, campaign manager John Podesta, disgraced DNC Interim Chair and ex-CNN employee Donna Brazile, DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda, all senior leadership at the DNC and Clinton campaign, and every superdelegate that pledged unwavering support Clinton, will of the voters be damned.

Beyond this impending earthquake set to rattle the political establishment at any moment, the depositions implicate more than 38 influential anchors, reporters, and editors exposed in the Wikileaks releases who may have abetted this fraud in their development of a strategy of controlled opposition to elevate Donald Trump as a “pied piper” candidate and facilitate the DNC’s strategy to “muddy the waters on any potential attack lodged against HRC” before a single American cast a primary vote.

This bears emphasis: The Democrats decided Hillary Clinton would be their nominee without any idea of how many people would actually vote for her. At off-the-records meetings, the Party, Clinton’s campaign, and the media elite designated her to be the Party’s nominee before the first Americans cast their primary votes in Iowa on February 2, 2016.


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