2/3: DNC Leak came from inside, NOT from Russia

Part 2: Evidence reveals emails leaks an inside job not due to hacking

Jerome Corsi | – MAY 30, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign was hit by so many hack attacks and so many leaks, the CSI problem is almost impossible to decipher.

By election day, Hillary Clinton’s electronic campaign began to resemble a corpse killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

The pattern of wounds upon wounds evident in the corpse were so combined and so confused, it is today hard to tell – if not impossible – how precisely many shooters there were or who fired the fatal round.

To sort this out, we begin with the first hack attack on Clinton emails, the hack that began with Guccifer in March 2013.

March 2013: Guccifer, the first hacker

In March 2013, a Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar, who went by the username “Guccifer,” a combination of “Gucci” and “Lucifer,” shocked the world by the revelation Hillary Clinton had utilized a private email server while secretary of state.

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