1/3: New evidence suggests Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker

Part 1: Rich had access to leaked DNC emails

Jerome Corsi | – MAY 30, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The investigation of the Seth Rich murder begins with understanding the complex network of progressive data managers that were involved in the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“There was a culture of really bad security, weak security, among progressive data practitioners in the 2016 Democratic presidential campaign,” a trusted source from within the Sanders campaign told on deep background, under a promise of anonymity.

“There was some security at the DNC (Democratic National Committee) such that you had to have passwords and credentials to access certain data files,” he explained.

“But clearly it wasn’t sufficient to keep a determined hacker out. In a campaign everything is always rushed, a crisis, so until after there was a data breach, nobody prioritized data security. I never spent much of my time thinking about it.”

Starting in 2015, the DNC and the Clinton campaign experienced a series of computer hacks that appear to have originated from more than one attacker.

In addition, Seth Rich’s breach of data security was a leak, not an attack, in that Seth Rich reportedly stole emails off a DNC computer, whereas hackers were external agents attacking the DNC computer from the outside.

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