Could Trump still become a great President?!


Published on May 16, 2017 With Trump hitting the headlines frequently, we have Robert David Steele a world renown speaker and author of eight books.

We discuss the make or break situation regarding President Trump, the “draining of the swamp” and the possibility of Trump becoming the greatest President of modern times, Robert shares with us his opinion on North Korea, Health Care and the Central Bankers and many other important current hot topics.

01:40 Trump Potentially the Greatest President in Modern times?
04:10 What Course Is Trump On and What Influences The President
09:20 Economic Crash During The Trump Era, Realistic Scenario?
12:00 North Korea is not OUR Problem
12:45 Is Trump The Hardest Working President EVER?
13:55 Is Trump Incorruptible
16:00 The Health Care Reformat Disappointment
17:55 Trump’s Chances of winning a second Term!
20:10 When is the Wall being built? Will it happen?
22:25 Where to out more of Roberts insights and more about Unrigged?


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