Is the Democratic Party A Waste of Our Time and Money?

CounterPropa, May 13, 2017

Lately many “progressives” or former Bernie 2016 supporters are jumping onto the “we can fix this totally corrupt-by-design private club from the inside” bandwagon, as if it’s some new idea, and has any chance of working.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble: it’s not a new idea. It’s a very, very old idea which has never, ever worked. Why? Money. Democrats love money. They are a centrist, corrupt organization which exists to serve corporate millionaires and billionaires, because that is what brings in the most money.

They are a money-making pyramid scheme of corporate lobbyists and wannabe king-makers. They’re a group of grifters, like a crime family, who work in four-year plans, pushing a boss candidate who polls the best against the boss candidate from the rival crime family. They distract voters and fleece taxpayers with pageantry of democracy and call it a primary, when really they’ve had it all scripted and pre-planned for 3–4 years.

On a more behind-the-scenes level, the DNC chair is nothing but a vehicle for the most powerful clique to push their candidate. Taking a look at the past few decades only proves this, particularly with Tim Kaine and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who were only put into place to coronate Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee.

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