New non-profit: “Free Our Internet”

Free Our Internet, May 1, 2017

Free Our Internet is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate citizens about the secret war the tech-left has been waging on the citizens of the internet for almost 20 years… and giving them the tools and resources to finally fight back.

The goal of the elites is simple: Total information control.

  • They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars colluding with Obama’s government to take over the very infrastructure of the internet.
  • They have pushed relentlessly for outright government ownership of the internet… Paid for by the taxpayers, of course.
  • They have spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying to regulate the internet, while ensuring that the same government rules don’t apply to their leftist Silicon Valley allies.
  • They have deemed themselves the arbiters of internet truth, labeling viewpoints that counter their globalist agenda as so-called “fake news.”
  • They have instituted arbitrary and capricious bans to purge dissenting voices on the internet’s most dominant platforms like Twitter and Facebook and have even seriously considered banning our own president!

So, what’s their end game? Leftist elites and their corporate allies understood something important about the internet from its very inception. Control the medium, and you control the message.

Understanding that the power of the internet was essential to consolidating political control, some of the world’s most influential elites immediately set to work “shaping” internet policy to ensure the political outcomes they favored.

Censorship, Twitter bans, and government control of our internet infrastructure are their tools of the trade — political weapons they can deploy to control the internet through leftist corporate gatekeepers like Facebook and Google.

It’s time to fight back with people power – consolidating the power of millions of internet voices through creative activism, public protest, and online outreach and mobilization.

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